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This is the screen I've gotten for 4 days now when trying to post to LJ. This entry subsequently coming to you from Dreamwidth.

The good news is that I got some sleep last night, finally, after 2 nights of frustrating efforts which left me utterly debilitated. The further good news is that with any luck, today we are buying an AC unit. This is just in time for the next 6 days of projected 90+ heat.

Unrelated to the heat, but thematically similar, my office building caught fire a couple of days ago. No one was hurt, and the fire fighters got the blaze put out pretty quickly. Our floor and our office did not sustain any damage, although others were not so lucky. The crazy part was that because the fire alarm sounds so frequently (about once a month, I'd say), we have stopped taking it seriously. So on the way out Yen and I stopped in the restroom, were not in any big hurry at all to make our way outside. When we got outside, we were met by stern fire fighters, ushering us away from the building, and our colleagues, who were grouped with everyone else and pointing at the flames and smoke shooting out of the top of the building.

We went home early, obviously. This is the second law office I've worked in which has had a fire. The first one burned to the ground. This, luckily, was much more minor.

Today is the start of college football, which is cause for great joy and merriment! If only we ever got coverage of MY team. I am sad every year to not be there for the first game, but this too shall pass.

Happy start to the long weekend, everyone!
(P.s. I don't really know how DW works with comments, so just comment on LJ.)
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Testing of update from DW
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First post here at Dreamwidth. Once LJ is no longer under DDoS attack, I'll cross-post this.

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