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Birthdate:Aug 2
Location:United States of America
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Just breathe.... just believe....

I am a sports fan, homebrewer, aspiring novelist, jigsaw puzzler, and a Land Use law paralegal. I read a lot of books and dream of someday living for a year in Venice, Italy - just because. Although I now call the Pacific Northwest home, I've found that while it's true that you can take a girl out of the South, you cannot take the South out of the girl. I live with three very precious "kittens" (one who is 18, and the other two who actually are kittens) who rule the roost.

I work to stay centered, mindful and laid back in my life. I'm a pretty good cook, and lean left politically, although I rarely discuss politics owing to a deep loathing of back-scratching, glad-handing, and wink-wink-favors. I collect Junior League cookbooks from the '60s and before, I love trees, and I believe crows to be my spirit guides. My journal is prone to pet talk, feminist musing, t.v. show discussions, pretty pictures, deep personal thoughts, and nattering on about whatever I'm obsessed with at the moment.

Welcome to my little corner of the universe.

A few of my favorite things

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Ross Island Bridge, Portland, Oregon

"There's always a siren/ singing you to shipwreck..." -- Radiohead

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"I wanna eat some glass, spit up angels/ I'd rather be insane than pacified." -- Slingshot Collective

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"I wish i was a despot that i might save the noble, beautiful trees that are daily falling sacrifice to the cupidity of their owners, or the necessity of the porr... the unnecessary felling of a tree, perhaps the growth of centuries, seems to me a crime little short of murder." -- Jefferson

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"One cannot think well, love well, or sleep well unless one has dined well."
-- Virginia Wolf

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